Post Surgery Tips the Oral Surgeons Want You to Know

Oral surgeries are inevitable, but recovery and healing are possible after dental implants and extractions. While you might not pay any heed to precautionary measures and post-surgery oral care, the recommendations and instructions provided by your oral surgeon are intended to help you ward off infections, excruciating pain, excessive discomfort, trauma and other complications.

Oral surgeons, therefore, offer assistance and guidance before and after surgeries to provide you maximum wellness and enable quick recovery.

While a surgical procedure is performed to improve and restore one’s oral health, the oral surgeons consider following post-surgery tips essential for smooth and speedy recovery and optimal oral wellness:

 Bite on a Moist Black Tea Bag

 Wisdom tooth extraction entails the removal of your tooth which means bleeding may occur for up to 24 hours after the procedure. In this situation, it gets important to control bleeding and increase clotting. While you can use gauze to stop bleeding on the recommendation of your dental surgeon, biting on a moist black tea bag can be helpful in reducing excessive bleeding. In fact, it can increase clotting too. However, you must contact and see your oral surgeon in case the bleeding continues.

 Use an Ice Pack or Pillows to Reduce Swelling

 Using an ice pack or pillows is helpful when you have swollen gums.  While elevating the head with pillows can help reduce swelling, using an ice pack for the first 24 hours after your surgery is also an effective treatment to reduce face and gum swelling.

Remember, you may also feel stiffness in facial muscles after the surgery, but these are temporary conditions. Don’t worry if these conditions stay for five to ten days. In case these problems persist, visit your oral surgeon.

Take Assistance of Your Friend or a Family Member

You should take complete bed rest after surgery for two days, at least. Do not resume normal activities without consulting your dental surgeon and take assistance of your friend or a family member before and after your oral surgery. For instance, you may not be able to drive yourself to home after an oral surgery because of the effects of anesthesia, and would require someone to drive you to clinic and home safely.

 Watch Your Diet

oral surgery dietAvoid the intake of hot beverages and drink smoothies instead. Yogurt and soft bread is also a good diet for the patients who undergo an oral surgery. Also, avoid eating and drinking anything for eight hours before general anesthesia. However, if your surgery requires local anesthesia, eating a light meal one to two hours before the surgery won’t do any harm.

Don’t Smoke!

oral surgery do not smokeDo not smoke for 24 hours, at least, after your oral surgery because it can delay healing and cause pain.  Also avoid smoking for 12 hours before the surgery. Besides, chewing tobacco can affect the surgery too and can impede healing. On the day of surgery, do not wear jewelry or contact lenses and wear comfortable clothes.

Follow Your Surgeon’s Prescription

Oral surgeons provide some medicines to help you alleviate pain and recover quickly. So, you should follow the dosage instructions carefully for best outcomes. Complete the course of antibiotics because it plays a critical role in healing process.

Brush & Floss Gently

floss gently oral surgeryDo not brush and floss vigorously after an oral surgery. Be gentle while brushing and flossing your teeth. Keep the incision clean by rinsing teeth with saltwater after an oral surgery.

Oral surgeries are performed to eradicate the dental problems and alleviate the pain, but their recovery is possible only with proper care, medicines, abandoning hard and hot foods and quitting cigarettes. So, follow these tips after your oral surgery and consult your dental surgeon for more effective suggestions.


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