Top Powerlifting Workouts & Routines

Powerlifting routines are often the focus on three main components of a weight lifting competition. For those of you who may not know what those components are, they are as follows: 1) Bench Press 2) Squats 3) Dead Lifts

These three components make up powerlifting workouts that you want to focus on if your training to become a powerlifter. Keep in mind that all of these exercises will involve strengthening your overall core strength. Core strength is important because you will want to burst using every muscle you have and core muscles are an easy way to stay ahead of your opponents.

Powerlifting routines can involve a wide variety of exercise but always keep in mind the three main components (bench press, squats, and dead lifts) and always to be working your core muscles when possible. I would suggest this workout below or something similar. It is important to find a specific workout that fits yourself and keeps yourself interested in the workout.

Exercise Regimen 2 Day Example

For powerlifting routines I would suggest alternating day 1 and day 2. Remember to always workout your core muscles and do as many sit ups and core ab exercises as possible. Use this program for 4 days consecutively and take 1 day off. Remember to eat as much protein as you can since your muscles will absorb it due to your strenuous exercising.  Good luck and hope this helps for your powerlifting workouts! Look here for more health information.

Day 1:

Exercise Sets Reps
Squat 6 5
Leg Raises 5 8
Bench Press 6 5
Skull Crushers 5 6
Weighted Dips 5 20

Day 2:

Exercise Sets Reps
Dead Lift 6 5
Bar Curls 4 12
Shoulder Press 4 12
Weighted Sit-Ups 5 20
Calf Raises 5 20


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