Quit Smoking Benefits By Day

Smoking cigarettes is a popular habit and has been around for thousands of years. Cigarettes contain hundreds of thousands of chemicals that are released into your bloodstream after smoking them. The smoke travels from your lungs right into your blood stream. Cigarettes contain over 50 known carcinogens (cancer causing agents). People should be aware of the risks associated with smoking cigarettes and a person could have quit smoking benefits by day.

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Once a person quits smoking cigarettes the quit smoking benefits are apparent withing just hours. Hours after a person quits smoking cigarettes the health benefits quit smoking are remarkable. A person will be able to breathe easier, and the lungs are able to carry more oxygen. Smoking cigarettes has a negative health impact on almost every part of your health system. Cigarettes are known to be linked to many health disorders such as increased risk for stroke, heart attack, lung cancer, etc.

There are many treatments available to help a person on their journey of quitting smoking. Quit smoking benefits can change a person’s life and help you live a longer/healthier life. The quit smoking benefits by day will cause a person to be healthier day by day. The longer you remain abstinent from smoking you more healthier you will remain. The first line of treatment is motivation and a mental game. Anyone who wants to quit smoking cigarettes must truly want to quit. Anyone  can quit smoking cigarettes but you must be dedicated and fight the urge to smoke. The worst part of quitting is the first week since this is when the cravings will be the worst.quit smoking benefits

Withdraw symptoms are the hardest part of quitting cigarettes. Cigarettes are addictive in nature due to their psychological addiction and physiological addiction. Psychological addiction is the addiction that occurs when smoking cigarettes as a habit. Many people smoke cigarettes in certain occasions such as after a meal or when they are stressed. This is the habit forming addiction of cigarettes and the easiest to overcome. Many people substitute other habits to take place of smoking cigarettes which can be effective. Some people may start to chew gum and eat hard candy whenever they want a cigarette.

Cigarettes are addictive physiologically due to nicotine. Once inhaled, the nicotine will bind to receptors in the brain. Once you begin to smoke more and more, your brain actually builds more receptors to bind to more inhaled nicotine. This is called up regulation because you have an increase in nicotine receptors in the brain. Therefore, due to the increase in nicotine receptors, the person will fiend for a cigarette in higher amounts and more often.

Once you quit after a few days, quit smoking benefits by day will cause these nicotine receptors in the brain to start decreasing just days after you begin quitting. After a few days and up to a week, the receptors in the brain actually start to decrease which is called down regulation. The more these receptors in the brain decrease, the less feelings of addiction and withdraw symptoms you will feel. Read more about Disadvantages of Smoking And Need To Stop Smoking

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