Secrets Of Salt | Are You Eating Too Much?

Secrets Of SALT, the infamous and one of the most widely used spices when cooking almost any food. How many of you know friends or family that dump a heap of salt on just about anything they eat? I sure do, but I also know the impact of salt and blood pressure. Furthermore, eating too much salt has been garnering increased attention lately because it is proven to be an important link to debilitating one’s health.

Salt And The Body

Salt is composed of Sodium and Chloride which are two electrolytes used by the body for many mechanisms and to perform healthy metabolic reactions that are microscopic to the eye. Electrolyte balances are important for maintain good health. For purposes of this article we will focus on sodium specifically. If you look at packages of many foods there will almost always be listed the sodium content.

Secrets Of Salt And Food

Sodium works in the body to help chemical reactions at a molecular level that leads to healthy functioning of life tasks such as breathing, sweating, urinating and much more. When you eat too much sodium through your diet your body cannot get rid of the unused, excess portions. The result is that high amounts of sodium stay in your blood.

Water always follows electrolytes so when you have high sodium in your blood then you have too much water in your blood. This is how salt and blood pressure go hand in hand. If you have high amounts of sodium in your blood then your arteries become overloaded with water which leads to a higher blood pressure. Salt and the body are highly regulated to produce either healthy or unhealthy effects.

A healthy amount for salt and the body to function healthy and normally is to aim at eating 1,600 mg or less per day from all food sources. Think about some of the foods you eat now and next time you eat them read the sodium content. You may be surprised at what you find. The less salt and/or sodium you choose to eat, the less risk you have for acquiring high blood pressure. Healthy Cook Books can show you the best delicious foods to eat to become and remain healthy.

Salt and blood pressure can pose a risk for many people. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a known risk factor for many cardiovascular disorders like:

1. Heart Attacks

2. Strokes

3. Coronary Artery Disease

So always remember this, avoid high sodium in foods at all cost, salt and the body’s health go hand in hand, and aim to eat less than 1,600 mg of total sodium throughout the entire day and this will ensure you’re not eating too much. Find out the most effective ways to shred fat and reach your goals by Eating The Healthy Way.

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