Sleep Disorders More Common Than Ever

Getting kids to sleep is probably the worst part of the day. They simply don’t want to go when they’re supposed to, and trying to get them to relax about the event can be even worse if they’ve fallen into bad sleep habits. I guess I’m not a picture of the best sleeping habits. For many years, I struggled to find a balance in my night routine because I worked constantly, and work was always on my mind. While I have switched careers and gotten better sleep, there are still times when I find myself playing online at 4:00 am because I can’t sleep. However, maybe I just wasn’t giving it a real effort. “The Basics of Sleep” outlines a few of my issues and also made some suggestions on a better night time routine.

Sleeping Disorders

I didn’t know there were five stages of sleep. The phases go from light sleep to deep sleep to dreaming or REM phase. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been dreaming all night, but most dream phases only last about five minutes. However, “The Basics of Sleep” says that people can pass through light to deep sleep and REM phase up to five times a night. I know when I’ve woken up extremely groggy that I haven’t had an entire night’s sleep, and yet I can’t remember staring at the ceiling all night, which means I must have been sleeping. I was probably in stage 1 or stage 2, which are classified as light sleep.

I’m not the only one with sleep issues. My family has a history of sleep problems. In addition, we also have a lot of overweight people in our family. “The Basics of Sleep” states that these issues are related. Eating well and getting exercise are important to having a maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep affects your energy, as overeating and lack of physical activity. I never really thought of the health problems that can be caused by sleeping disorders, but “The Basics of Sleep” states that high blood pressure, heart arrhythmias, stroke, diabetes, depression and obesity are all caused by sleeping problems.

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