Sleep For Weight Loss

Sleep For Weight Loss | The Truth About Restful Sleep

When you start to take away from a restful sleep you can feel the effects the next day with less energy, fatigue, mental fogginess  drowsiness and even more. These symptoms are tied to gaining weight when you don’t receive enough sleep every night. How is this so? Interesting enough, those who had 5 or less hours of sleep per day actually had their metabolism increased. However, this same group over 2 weeks gained more weight than the group receiving a full 8 hours of sleep.

The reason behind this conclusion is that people who are sleep deprived do not make healthy eating choices. The light sleepers will tend to eat much more food than their counterparts, those who sleep at least 8 hours a day. The light sleeping group eat more food throughout the day because they need the energy from food, whereas the heavy sleepers already gained that energy while sleeping a full restful night. Sleeping For Weight Loss can lead you to smarter and healthier eating choices which in turn will help you shred the pounds off.

Those who slept less than the recommended time ate foods that were less healthy and focused a lot around carbohydrates. Eating carbohydrates can provide you with energy, yes, but it comes at a cost. Carbohydrates are difficult to burn off just from working out and can often “stick” to you causing increased weight gain. Eating carbs at night can lead to weight gain because during sleep your metabolism is slowed so you cannot burn the carbs off. What happens? You wake up in the morning weighing more than you did before you slept.

Now that you can see the consequences of lack of sleep, make sure you get enough rest every night! It can change your life and you will even feel these positive changes from just one night of restful sleep! If you’re having sleeping problems find out How To Fight Insomnia. If you choose to Sleep For Weight Loss make sure you sleep the right amount of time and in the right conditions. You will notice yourself making healthier eating choices, having more energy and more focused mentally.

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