Testosterone Booster Pills: Do They Really Work?


Whether flipping through an issue of Men’s Health Magazine or scrolling Facebook, you’re sure to see an ad touting the benefits of taking a testosterone supplement.  Whether wanting to get bigger, stronger, or ramp up one’s libido, apparently if you’re a man in search of a magic pill that will get you there, many companies are claiming that taking testosterone as a supplement is the way to go.  Are the claims true?  Is testosterone the male cure-all?  Some say it’s all hype, but there are a wealth of men who swear that by taking this hormone, their lives have been dramatically improved after experiencing great results.

Of all the ways to supplement with extra testosterone, booster pills seem to be the most popular.  Easy to obtain and consume, beginning testosterone therapy can be as easy as a click of a button on your computer. Before beginning anything new, however, it’s important to look at the product from every angle.  Are testosterone booster pills all the rage they claim to be?  Let’s take a look and find out.

Why Testosterone?

This male hormone which is produced primarily in the testicles, is imperative in the creation of strong bones and muscle mass. Testosterone is what gives the male voice a low pitch and plays a key role in maintaining a healthy sex drive. After reaching its peak in early adulthood, the production of this male hormone typically begins to drop little by little each year.

Many men looking for more muscle and lean body mass turn to testosterone for help with the thought that if a little is good, a lot must be better.  Some studies support this theory with great results showing a loss of fat and increase in muscle mass after taking testosterone consistently for a good period of time.  Testosterone has also been shown to increase bone density which is a plus to men suffering from early onset of osteoporosis caused by a prolonged drop in testosterone production.

Strengthen Your Libido

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of being a male is the ability to experience full arousal in the presence of one’s partner.  It can be frustrating and humiliating to lose the sexual prowess once enjoyed in youth or before the body’s production of testosterone began dropping. Men looking to bring vibrance and vitality back into their sexual life often turn to testosterone booster pills as a quick fix and sometimes long term way to manage their love life.

An aphrodisiac straight from the human body, testosterone significantly boosts a man’s sexual desire and performance.  Men struggling with lack of lust and a diminished libido could possibly benefit from taking testosterone.  While different medications, moods, and relationship issues should always be evaluated when suffering from low sex drive, once all these areas are in check, turning to a supplemental testosterone replacement can greatly benefit men in the bedroom.


Low Testosterone Is A Real Thing

Hypogonadism is a condition in which a man produces a low amount of testosterone.  Muscle loss, reduced sex drive and reduced growth of penis and testicles are among some of the symptoms that present when this vital hormone takes a nose dive.  Many men experiencing this problem turn to testosterone boosters for help with very good results.  Testosterone replacement therapy can mean an increase in previously diminished normal bodily functions in the male and a host of positive effects on the body.  Whether due to testicular failure or a secondary dysfunction, the root cause of hypogonadism is a lack of proper testosterone function and so it makes sense that supplementing the necessary amount of that particular hormone would produce a positive fix.

An Unexpected Side Effect

A study conducted by Harvard Medical School wowed scientists by producing evidence that supplementing testosterone can actually increase heart health.  Testosterone helps widen the coronary arteries reducing chest pain, angina and ensures a healthy flow of blood to this vital organ.  Does the body’s natural production of testosterone produce the same benefits as taking an extra boost of the hormone?  The verdict may still be out on that one, but many claim that it can’t hurt.

Hip Or Hype?

On Amazon alone, a search for “Testosterone Booster Pills”will yield 485 results!  This shows that while there may be claims that these pills are a lot of hype, enough people believe in them and are using them to provide companies with the opportunity to produce and sell a significant quantity.  As with any type of pill or supplement, testosterone can have different effects on different users.  While research, word of mouth, and talking to a doctor are always a necessary component of beginning a new supplement, often the only way to figure out if it’s right for you is to take the plunge and try it out for yourself.

When looking at possible side effect
s such as an increased libido, stronger bones, bigger muscles and a healthier heart, one could ask why wouldn’t you want to try a testosterone booster?  It appears that aging men, those suffering with hypogonadism, or just the average male looking for a boost in the production of the most well-known of all the male hormones, could benefit greatly from beginning a testosterone supplement.  There are seemingly endless options to choose from and many positive reviews out there, so don’t be afraid to make your order and be sure to leave your own review!



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