The HCG Nutrition Diet Good Or Bad?

I’m sure you’ve heard the claims about The HCG Nutrition Diet Program! This diet has been gaining popularity recently and has even been mentioned on news stations and the Dr. Oz Show. I am here to separate facts from fiction and guide you through a life and health altering HCG Diet Nutrition Program. HCG is short for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a hormone produce by your body naturally. HCG works in the body to increase testosterone levels. The proposed diet involves eating an extremely low calorie diet while taking daily intramuscular shots of HCG.

The effect will be rapid weight loss of adipose (fatty) tissue while maintaining the lean muscle that you have. This diet combination has proven to be effective and has been unmatched by any other diet. Participants who underwent the study had reported anywhere from 1-3 lbs of weight loss per day. However, any diet that promises rapid weight loss most likely has some negative aspects.


Photo By TipsTime

Photo By TipsTime

HCG Nutrition Diet & Your Health

If you consider starting this diet, make sure to think about your health conditions. Before starting the diet it is important to see a licensed physician to give his opinion on the matter. If you have some health risks then there are other options available to you that will provide weight loss. This by no means is the only way for weight loss. The diet calls for 500 calories of food per day. This amount is far too low for anyone to be eating the daily requirements of nutrition for regular daily life. This puts the dieter at risk of malnutrition which could lead to electrolyte imbalances.

HCG is a well known and well used athletic supplement that can be used to supplement anabolic steroids. Athletes are banned from using anything that mimics or is HCG. The reason being is HCG’s ability to increase testosterone levels which in turn help muscle strength, building and leanness. Considering the fact that in order to obtain a prescription for this substance you would have to undergo blood testings and prove a deficiency. This makes it difficult to obtain this to use for weight loss.

In my opinion there are many other alternative weight loss mechanism that you can take advantage of in a healthier manner. Giving up food completely will lead to weight loss with the HCG nutrition diet, yes, but it has the potential to ruin your health. The reward of weight loss does not out weigh (for lack of better terms) the risks of your general health and well being.

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