Useful Tips to Bring Out the Best of Your Physique

Bringing out the best of your physique isn’t easy – that’s something you have to realize right from the beginning. However, that isn’t to say it isn’t rewarding and beneficial in many ways, for not only will you possess a physique that makes you feel more confident, wows the opposite sex and makes you the envy of your friends, but you’ll also feel the difference that boasting a great natural physique bestows upon those who make the effort.

Diet and exercise

To bring out the best of your physique the two main factors are diet and exercise – no one brings out the best of their physique without diet and exercise. That old adage ‘you are what you eat’ is something to take note of, as is another you’ve probably heard before, ‘no pain no gain’.

To boast the physique you’re after you therefore need to understand what to eat – which foods are good for building muscle, which foods are good for keeping your weight down and burning fat, and which foods provide you with the vitamins and minerals you require for good general health – and you’ll need to work hard in the gym.


In addition to diet and exercise you also need ample rest. To build muscle you not only need to break them down with weight training and feed them protein, you also need to provide them with ample rest. Moreover, you also have your cartilage, joints and ligaments to consider, and due to the strain of exercise and weight lifting, these also require downtime.

Muscle building diet

Certain foods are excellent for building muscle, though beware – eat these foods in excessive amounts and you won’t only put on muscle mass, you’ll also put on fat that you’ll need to burn later.

This is not only because of the amount of calories you’re consuming, but also because the human body can only absorb so much protein and after you reach your protein intake limit, your body turns the excess to fat.

Some of the best foods to include in a muscle building diet include almonds, coffee, eggs, olive oil, salmon, steak, yogurt and water; don’t forget to drink adequate amounts of water to keep your body hydrated.

Furthermore, although you’ll inevitably read something along the lines of how carbohydrates will prevent you from achieving the physique you’re working towards, you must bear in mind that carbohydrates (and certain types of fat) are your energy supply – this is where you’ll get the energy required to go the distance in the gym.

A good rule regarding carbohydrates and working towards a ‘ripped’ physique concerns limiting your carbohydrate intake to breakfast and post workout – at the end of the day you need carbs.

Exercise regime

You need both cardiovascular exercise and strength training (weight lifting) to bring out the best in your physique. Whilst strength training builds muscle mass, cardiovascular exercise burns calories, and therefore fat, so that you can see your gains, i.e. a ripped torso that shows where your efforts have gone.

For the best results, cardiovascular exercise is best performed first thing in the morning, i.e. before breakfast, because this maximises the potential for fat burning, and if you’re a smoker you’re advised to quit with Vaper Empire e-cigarettes or another cessation aid like nicotine gum or patches – anything that helps you to stop smoking.

Regarding weight training, check out websites like, and Websites like these are packed full of workout tips, diet and nutrition advice and you’ll find all the exercises, routines and advice you need to bring out the best of your physique here.


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