Vitamin D… D-Fence for a Healthy Life

Vitamin E and C are still considered to be the favorite for uncountable supplement lovers. But, these two superheroes are now forced to share their space with an upcoming superhero, vitamin D. It is now that, vitamin D is getting its deserved attention because of multiple benefits that, it is offering to the people of Earth.

Most of you are quite familiar with the job role of vitamin D. It helps to maintain a healthy bone structure. This is because it acquires the property of absorbing calcium. If anyone you have got deficiency of vitamin D, at your old age, then you might well suffer from osteomalacia or osteoporosis (bone softening).

Diseases that can be caused due to deficiency of Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to other complicated diseases, like, type 1 diabetes, bone or muscle ache. Fatal diseases like, cancers of the colon, breast, prostate, ovaries, esophagus and also lymphatic system.

Diseases that can be protected due to Vitamin D

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, then vitamin D can help to control it.

Vitamin D also helps in reducing the risk of diabetes, cardiac arrests, rheumatoid arthritis or even multiple sclerosis.

Vitamin D… D-fence for a healthy life

Vitamin D has the potential of demolishing the chances of cell growth. It has the capacity to stimulate the pancreas for creating insulin, thereby regulating the immune system.

 Hypertension or blood pressure control

Blood pressure or hypertension is a common factor in everyone’s life. Stress is one of the soul causes of hypertension. But, in today’s world, stress will always be a part of life. Thus, if you which to take serious advice, then vitamin D is the medicine for it. Vitamin D reduces the production of a hormone called, renin in the body. Renin is an enzyme in the body that is considered to be the reason for hypertension.

Precancerous colon polyps  

 In a study done in the year 2003, that in around 13 Veteran Affairs medical centers , people who had taken above 645IU of vitamin D per day, and also consumed above 4 grams of cereal fiber, reduced the risk by 40% of developing precancerous colon type.

Helps to maintain strength during old age

 As per a research done in the year 2004, it has been rightfully seen that aged women to consumed calcium along with vitamin D supplements, for continuously three months had reduced the chances of falling by 49%, in comparison to the women who only took calcium alone.

Vitamin D protects women against multiple sclerosis

A study done on Jan. 13, 2004 showed that women who had taken vitamin D dosage, found in multivitamin supplements, for a minimum of 400 international units had the chances of reducing the risk of developing multiple sclerosis by 40%.

Here are tips of healthy food intakes that will help you gain vitamin D

Apart from the sun, there are also few food intakes that will help your body generate vitamin D. You can gain 425IU of vitamin D from a 3-ounce of salmon. Egg yolk give 25IU of vitamin D.  200IUs of vitamin D can be attained by consuming two full glass of fortified milk.