What Fruits Are the Best for Smoothies?

best fruit for smoothiesIf you are curious to know which fruits are the most recommended for smoothies, you will be probably disappointed in finding out that each and every fruit comes with its own nutrients that your body needs to take in for its daily function.

Therefore no fruit can be said to be better than another, not to mention that contained in smoothies it can be always a great addition to the overall taste. I have heard people wondering what fruit comes as the best for these fresh drinks, but again there is no such thing as the best fruit of all.

Fruits are created in various nutritional structures, some to satisfy the intake of minerals, others to satisfy the need for more vitamins, while others come with a great intake of enzymes. So no matter how you look at this, fruits are made to satisfy your body needs for a healthier nutrition. This is also the reason why they shouldn’t miss from anyone’s diet.

When you want to add them in smoothies and want to always include the most nutritious fruits, it will all depend on how the drink is prepared. Among the fruits that are the most popular for this fresh drink you will find:

  • Oranges that are known as the most tasteful and flavored while being also very healthy. They are rich in magnesium, the mineral that helps with maintaining a normal blood pressure. You will find this fruit ranking as the number one in the range of fruit preferences for many people.
  • Strawberries come as the most nutritional fruits because they are rich in vitamin B2 (helping in kids growth), antioxidants along with the fact they are delicious and sweet and make a great addition to the smoothies.
  • Bananas are very nutritional (they contain also tryptophan, a substance that increase your state of happiness) to be consumed as they are without having to add them to the fresh drink. It is nevertheless the taste of these fruits that makes them be very complex when added to a drink. Not to mention that they come with more thickness to the beverage. Including bananas in your smoothie will be the best for those who prefer more sweetness for their taste.

As a conclusion to all these: when preparing your smoothies, do not include too many fruits (as much as they are packed with nutrients) because you risk spoiling the taste. Once the drink becomes too mixed in flavors you won’t be able to feel its real taste. Therefore limit the number of fruits to only three, but do not stick to the same fruits. Experience as many combinations of three as possible.