When You Can’t Visit the Spa: Tips and Tricks to Self Massages

In the course of a day your body endures a lot of different stresses and strains. That’s why it’s important to treat yourself well. If all parts aren’t functioning properly, essentially it makes life a bit more difficult to navigate. So how do you treat the body right? Aside from making sure that you fuel it each day with the right foods, exercise to remove calories and toxins, and rest on the daily basis, sometimes the body needs to be spoiled. One way you can do this is by getting a massage on the regular basis.

Massages Are More Beneficial Than You Might Expect

While most might think of massages as nothing more than a luxury expense, it is actually more beneficial than you think. Aside from feeling great, a massage done correctly can help to relieve pain, improve blood flow, eliminate stress, and a lot of other things that can attribute to your overall health. Essentially a massage, “does the body good”, and it can’t hurt to have one done by a professional from time to time.


What You Need to Get Started

What if you can’t afford to see a massage therapist on the weekly basis? There are other ways in which you can have all the benefits of a massage without the need for an expert. Giving yourself a nice massage at the end of the day is actually a lot easier than you might think. All you’ll need to get started is:

  • Nice secluded area to relax in
  • Music to calm the nerves
  • Candles for aroma therapy
  • Body massage oil to gently caress the muscles
  • A small round ball (tennis ball)
  • A frozen bottle of water
  • A foam roller

Once you’ve gathered all the above supplies, you’re ready to start giving yourself a good rub down. Below are a few tips and tricks on how to give the best self-massage.

Hand, Finger, Wrist Massages

Your hands are constantly in use. Whether you type at a computer all day long or spend a better part of your day texting and posting to social media, your wrists really take a lot of wear and tear throughout the day. To ease any tension you might be experiencing, you want to give yourself a wrist massage. Here’s how you start:

  1. Take your left hand and hold it up with your palm facing away from you. Take the right hand and pull your fingers back until you begin to feel a stretch. Hold the fingers this way for about five seconds and then switch to stretch your right hand. Do this same stretch for your thumbs as well stretching them back towards your wrist.
  2. Using a little bit of natural body massage oil, you can now massage the palms of your hands gently and then give them a little shake.

Foot Massage

Your feet bear a lot of weight all day long. Whether your job requires you to stand for long periods of time or you’ve simply been feeling a lot of pressure in your lower back or foot region, giving yourself a decent foot massage can do the trick. For this massage tip you will need to utilize the frozen water bottle and the tennis ball.

  1. Place the tennis ball on the floor. Take the ball of your foot and place it on top of the tennis ball. Stand to apply pressure and roll the ball around under your foot for a nice massage. Repeat this process using the other foot as well. Once you’ve finished giving your feet a good massage you should ice them down with the frozen water bottle for extra relief.

Shoulder and Back Massage

Both sitting and standing for long periods of time can add strain to the back and shoulder muscles at the end of the day. While good posture can help to relieve some of the pressure you’re feeling, it won’t relieve it all. As such, you’ll need to work out the back and shoulder muscles. You’ll need the tennis ball again for this massage.

  1. Place the tennis ball on the floor once again, however this time you’re going to lay on the ball. Make sure the ball is located in the small of your back where it likely hurts the most. Roll the ball around on your back muscles moving up towards the shoulder blades for complete relief. You can do this for a few minutes until you feel like your muscles are relaxed.

Knee Massage

Joint pain is a common complaint to have and your knees are generally the culprit. Whether you sit, stand, or drive all day for a living it can put a lot of pressure on the knees. For this massage, you will need to have a foam roller which you can purchase from a sporting goods store.  For this massage, you’re not actually going to massage the knee, but you’ll massage muscles that attribute to knee discomfort and joint pain.

  1. Place the foam roller on the ground and lay on your right side allowing the roller to fall right on your hip. If you need to, place your hands on the ground for support. Now take your left leg and cross it over the right leg allowing the left foot to lay flat on the floor. The position may seem awkward at first but it works well. Roll the body up and down so that the roller is moving from the top of your hip to the knee allowing the entire right thigh to be massaged. Then switch and repeat on the left side.

These few tricks of the trade will certainly help you to unwind, relax, and feel replenished. What’s even better is you don’t have to ask anyone to assist you as all of these massages can be performed alone. If you give yourself a massage at least once per week you are sure to see improvements in all of the above areas. Not only will it feel good, but your body will thank you for giving it the tender love and care it so desperately needs.