Which Night-Time Regime Is Affecting Your Skin?

ready-to-go to sleep

ready-to-go to sleep

Do you consider your night time routines healthy? Think what you do during the evening or before you go to bed. The list may include a hot shower, watch a movie, or brush your teeth. Even if you think that your evening time routines are healthier, there are certain habits that can cause havoc to your skin. Given below is a list of those. Check whether if you have any of these habits and if you have, you must immediately get rid of those.

Habits that may ruin your skin

  • Most of the women follow skin cleansing routine that is insufficient. Even after cleansing your skin, there might be leftover traces of make-up still on the skin. You must clean your skin properly before going to bed. Try double cleansing or clean your skin with an oil-based makeup. You must make it a point to remove dirt, oil, make-up, and colors that you might have used on your skin.
  • Use the right product on the skin during the night. Your daytime moisturizer with SPF is not suitable as a night cream. You should also use skin care products according to your skin type. Use products that repair (products containing antioxidants and retinol), nourish (products containing hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and jojoba), and exfoliate (products containing golycolic acid and lactic acid). Using products thoughtfully, will help in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. You can also try a suitable overnight mask.
  • The pillow and mattress you use matters a lot in determining the type of skin you’ll wake up with. Use soft pillows with silk or satin covers. This will help wrinkles and sleep-creases away from your skin in the morning. Moreover, sleep on your back. It will help to prevent the “smushed-face syndrome” in the morning. It will help you prevent wrinkles and creases on the skin.
  • If you are using heaters in your bedroom while sleeping make sure not to make it too high. High temperatures can dry out the skin and leave your skin dull and thirsty. Don’t forget to turn on the humidifier.
  • Do not talk on the phone while sleeping. You are not just warding off sleep, your freshly cleaned skin is again getting contaminated with bacteria and germs from the phone. You may use the speakers to speak on the phone. Too much of artificial light interferes with the production of sleep inducing hormones.
  • There are many people who have the habit of sleeping late. Avoid going to sleep at 3 or 4am in the morning. Go to sleep early and get enough sleep. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep at night will make your skin healthy and will recover your skin sufficiently.
  • You should also keep your hair off your face in the night. Use a hair band or a cloth to push back your hair. This is important because there are many pore-clogging products in your hair and this can cause breakouts on your skin and cause skin problems.

These are a few of the coolest nighttime routines that you need to follow to be able to get happy and glowing skin. Try these and you will soon notice a change in your skin by changing your habits.