Why E-cigarettes Are Better Than Nicotine Patches

Giving up smoking is never easy and although there are a number of options available the one most frequently used by people, especially those who spend a lot of time out of the house at work, is the nicotine patch. These are quick tricky to get right as they often deliver more nicotine than the about-to-be-ex smoker is used to and so they can end up making them feel quite light-headed. For the leisure smoker, in other words a cigarette at lunch and then a couple in the evening, the constant delivery of nicotine from the patch does not really match their normal nicotine intake and they often soon give up.

Slap on a patch!

Nicotine patches are advertised as an easy way of giving up smoking and this is indeed the case – too easy, in many ways. All you need do is peel and stick, which gives no sense of the ‘occasion’ that you get with lighting a cigarette. This is where an e-cigarette fills the void, because although they are still pretty trouble-free they mimic in many respects the act of smoking and this is why most people who have previously failed to quit tobacco manage very well when they start vaping instead.

For smokers who enjoy the social side of life, patches also sometimes make them feel a little excluded from the circle – although not everyone will admit it, peer pressure was often the reason they began to smoke in the first place and although obviously friends are still friends whether they have a cigarette in their hand or not, there is no real bonding to be done over the application of a nicotine patch.

quitting smoking

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Slowly cutting nicotine out

Patches come in different strengths so it is possible to gradually reduce the amount of nicotine being delivered, but this is still done in fits and starts. By using electronic cigarettes that can be refilled by the user with any strength of nicotine (down to zero) with infinitely small increments, the nicotine is reduced so gradually that it isn’t noticeable. And there is always the option of adding a little back in if you feel that you have gone too far too fast.

There is no need to keep a stock of different strengths – which in fact can be quite costly because patches are by no means cheap – adjusting the strength is a simple matter of adding or not adding the liquid to taste. And of course, taste is the other thing that a nicotine patch can’t provide. Electronic cigarettes come in more or less any flavour you like – look on the Prestige Vaping website to see just how many there are out there – and many vapers actually mix their own.

If mouth feel is an important part of a person’s smoking experience, then an electronic cigarette fills that need nicely and there are so many different designs to choose from, you could even go so far as having different electronic cigarettes for different occasions and as an accessory you can’t really go much further than that – diamante nicotine patches are not currently on the market!

Author of article, Rebecca Fearn, who often writes for Prestige Vaping.