Workout your own Boot Camp Regimen

The ‘Boot Camp’ is an exercise phenomenon making waves in the US and Canada. It attracts people of all ages and fitness levels— office goers who need to release stress, moms who want to lose that extra fat, busy professionals who want to get focused, business women who need an image makeover… It’s basically for anyone who wants to look good and keep really fit.

This exercise regimeboot camp regimenn refers to basic military training as conducted by army units across the world for recruits. It is a hard-core regimen, which requires a high degree of self-motivation and no frills or additional equipment! The benefits of this unconventional method of exercise are tremendous. You get improved cardiovascular health, heightened muscle strength, tone and definition, and increased flexibility to prevent injury.

If you can’t find a boot camp around your place, it might be a good idea to collect friends and start your own. You can choose between running, biking or even dancing (though not included in the traditional version of the boot camp) for 30 minutes as your cardio options. Let’s give you the low down on the most happening trend for the fitness conscious! For the conditioning or strength-training segment, you can do:

  • Park bench push-ups: Hands on the bench, shoulder-width apart on the seat with legs extended behind you. Drop and repeat 10 times.
  • Park bench tricep dips: Back facing the bench. Grip your hands firmly on the bench and lift your body off the ground. Ten please!
  • Pull ups or chin ups: Find the children’s play area for this one— or the nearest overhead straight bar that looks strong enough to support you, and lift yourself off the ground using your arms. Even five would be challenging!
  • Park bench step-ups: Simply step up and down. Each leg at least 25 repetitions.
  • Calf raises: Simply stand with the feet apart and push body weight on to your toes, rolling from the ball of your foot forward and slowly rolling back without letting your heels touch the ground. Make sure you do at least a minimum of 16 reps.
  • Alternating reverse lunges. These can be done from a two or four inch platform— or on level ground. Simply stand with your back to the elevated surface and put one leg up and stretch it as far back as you can. Keeping both knees in bent position, go down and come up slowly without stretching knees fully. Do 12 on each leg.
  •  Double crunch: This can be done on a patch of grass. Lie on your back and lift the legs and the shoulders simultaneously. At least 16 reps.
  • Bicycle crunches: On the grass, in a supine position, hands behind the head, knees bent, simulate a bicycle movement with the legs while alternately lifting the opposite sides of the upper body. Sixteen would be great!

As with all exercise programs, be sure to check with your doctor before joining a Boot Camp. But for those up to the task, boot camp workouts are an interesting way to add variety to your fitness regimen. Congratulations on finding a new way to look the way you always wanted to!